Episode 27: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Do not play detective. This is not a book. This is not a movie.

Gay Perry, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Sometimes a movie comes along that’s polarizing…and confusing…and, well, a lot of things we may wish movies wouldn’t be. For Christmas, Bethany brought us Shane Black’s directorial debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It’s a parody of the hard-boiled detective stories like Raymond Chandler used to bake up…or maybe a Johnny Gossamer story. Dames and Dicks, all mixed up in the ugly underbelly just beneath the beautiful bosom of Hollywood.

Can we see the origins of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man in this film? Is there anything wrong with calling Val Kilmer’s character Gay Perry? Did any of us REALLY HATE this movie? Is it possible to be the very thing you’re trying to make yourself out not to be? Grab yourself a stiff drink and join us at the scene of the crime as we go over the details just one more time before we let you know whether we think this movie should be turned over to the cops or you should just go along for the ride.

Click here to listen to Episode 27: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

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