Episode 28: Return to Oz (1985)

I do not hold out much hope for Jack. He has many excellent qualities, but thinking is not one of them.

Tik-Tok, Return to Oz


Special guest Aldrin Cornejo, Design Supervisor at Fox Television Animation’s American Dad, invited us to Return to Oz with him, so we set out to discover this not-a-sequel to The Wizard of Oz. Even though we were a little reluctant, Aldrin electrified us into making our way along what’s left of the Yellow Brick Road into an Oz that looks very different from the one we last left.

Is this a children’s film or a horror movie? Does Dorothy’s use of Life Powder on the Gump-sofa concoction create a flying wonder or a terrifying abomination? Which would you rather meet in a dark alley, a Flying Monkey or a Wheeler? Did awful things happen to the Emerald City just because Dorothy couldn’t keep her shoes on? Can we call you “Mom”? And, really, where did all the Munchkins go? Find out as we put on our best heads and flow down the river to meet the Nome King.

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