Episode 26: Bob Roberts (1992)

This is America. Virtue always prevails.

Senator Brickely Paiste, Bob Roberts


As though struggling through the current election cycle wasn’t already difficult enough, Cheryl asked everyone to add another level of upset by watching this 1992 political “documentary” written/directed by and starring Tim Robbins. If you haven’t seen it either, that’s not a surprise; this movie didn’t get a wide release and has been very difficult to find. It’s available here (until it’s not).

Can conservative folk songs be enjoyable? Is this perhaps Jack Black’s best role? How did Tim Robbins get so many amazing actors to appear in this movie? Is this film still a humorous satire or has it become a terrifying reflection of reality? Is Tim Robbins psychic? And, if not, how did he get every single aspect of our current political climate precisely correct 28 years ago? Join the campaign and we’ll tell you if we’re voting for this prescient rebel conservative.

Click here to listen to Episode 26: Bob Roberts.

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