About the Show

We came together through podcasts; making them, listening to them, talking about them. And after recording a special episode for one together, we decided we needed to make it an ongoing thing. We liked each other and had a great time talking movies. It took a year and a half from that point to actually make it happen, but here we are.

We discovered we each had a lot of movies that, when we admitted we’d never seen them, people would exclaim, “Oh my God, how have you never seen that?!” to which we’d reply, “Well, it’s on my list!” We decided to make it the goal of our new podcast together to rectify these oversights.

So, we’re watching those movies. We invite you to sit in with us as we discuss the movies and what we think of them, now that we’ve finally made the effort to watch.  We’ve got a long list, but we’d be delighted if you’d add to it.  Visit our contact us page to tell us which movies no one can believe you’ve never seen. There’s a good chance we haven’t, either, and we’ll add it to our list for a future episode.  If you hear us talk about a movie you’ve never seen, and we really like it, maybe you’ll give it a watch.  Together, we’ll check it off our lists!

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