Episode 35: Car Wash (1976)

Boy, there’s been some weird people in here today.

Hippo, Car Wash


We’re driving to downtown Los Angeles to have our cars cleaned, 1970’s style. Cheryl has us all watching another questionable classic with Car Wash, improbably written by Joel Schumacher. You’ve heard Rose Royce’s disco hit of the same name, now hear about the movie that’s just as steeped in mid-seventies weirdness. Jam packed with notable names like Franklyn Ajaye, Bill Duke, Melanie Mayron, Antonio Fargas and Otis Day, with cameos by Richard Pryor and George Carlin, Car Wash is comedy with a touch of social consciousness.

Is this an OG hangout movie? Is it uncomfortably retro in its approach to people of color and LGBTQ? Is it right to feature Pryor and Carlin prominently on the DVD cover? Is there something deeper going on here than just oddball seventies humor? What are the best lyrics of the theme song? And what stands in place of the Dee-Luxe Car Wash these days? Join us on the corner of 6th and Rampart to find out.

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