Episode 24: The Station Agent (2003)

It’s funny how people see me and treat me, since I’m really just a simple, boring person – Finbar McBride, The Station Agent


Special guest Jake Lloyd, director of the feature film Pinch and founder of Dragon Wagon Radio, added The Station Agent to our list, so we asked him to walk the right-of-way with us to talk about this quiet 2003 film starring Peter Dinklage, Bobby Cannavale, and Patricia Clarkson. Join us for a break by the railroad tracks, as Jake shares how this movie influenced his own filmmaking and the many familiar ways it became a favorite.

Would we want to be friends with a character like Joe, the overenthusiastic food truck fill-in? Does Fin love trains or just hate people? Could Olivia be the worst driver on the planet? Can three lonely people come together to create family?  Check your timetables and don’t miss our discussion of this slow freight train of a movie. We’ll let you know if it’s worth the wait.

Click here to listen to Episode 24: The Station Agent.

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