Episode 18: Casablanca (1942)

ep 18 casablanca

He’s a difficult customer, that Rick. One never knows what he’ll do or why. – Signor Ferrari, Casablanca


Times are desperate and we aren’t going to stick our necks out for anyone. We’ve already hocked all our jewelry just to get to this recording. If you’ll join us for perhaps an hour, perhaps a little longer, we’ll be waiting for you at Rick’s Cafe Americain. Meet with us and we’ll secretively discuss one of the best known and best loved movies of all time.

When’s the best time to slip secret documents under a piano lid? Why do we remember Peter Lorre being a bigger part of this movie? What would keep a man from being able to return to the USA? And who should have ended up on that plane? Whether you’re watching Casablanca for the first time or playing it again, listen now to find out what we thought!

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