Episode 9: The Dark Crystal (1982)

ep9 dark crystal

But Gelfling all dead! Garthim kill them all! You can’t be Gelfling! You look like Gelfling… smell like Gelfling… maybe you are Gelfling! – Aughra, The Dark Crystal


Emily Schmemily, co-host of Dunston Checks Min, joins us to discuss one of the oddest productions from the minds behind The Muppet Show.

Another time, another land, another look at Jim Henson’s 1982 debatable classic The Dark Crystal. In an extremely 80s movie, will we learn too much about a planet named Thra? Can we appreciate the majesty of the puppetry? Do we care if Jen is the last of the Gelflings? Can we handle puppets with mouths that don’t move properly? And what’s with those creepy Skeksis?

Read the prophecy with us and transcend into your true self on a higher plane of existence, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Click here to listen to Episode 9: The Dark Crystal.

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